A commitment to representing real artists

Laureli Artists is a boutique talent agency representing actors, musicians, models and writers. Laureli Artists is heavily invested in preventing unauthorised deep-fakery and ID/IP theft of artists everywhere.

A passion for discovering new talent

At Laureli Artists, our ethos is we are honoured to represent you. We are committed to achieving better deals for recording artists, content creators, actors, and models.


Proudly showcasing a diverse and unique blend of charismatic creators, actors, writers, and musicians.

Talent Guidance

Perhaps adult content creation isn’t for you, perhaps it is. Discuss the ramifications first with an agent you can trust.

Tech Partnerships

Whilst against unauthorised deep-fakery, we partner with generative image business to work together to find solutions.

An array of resources

Backed by our quality legal team, you can be sure that your contracts are reviewed meticulously, and that Laureli Artists is supported in order to offer the best representation for our clients.

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